Best Advice is to Get Advice

It really does not matter what you are wearing at the time you are

questioned, accused, arrested or indicted. What matters is what

you do next. The best advice is to get good sound advice before

making any decision. That includes the decision to answer any

letter, any question over the telephone or in person, or answer any

question by local, state or federal law enforcement. At Vieth Law

Offices, we have successfully defended those in white collars, blue

collars, and those with no collars at all. Whether you are a doctor

accused of medicare/medicaid fraud, an area businessman or

businesswoman accused of embezzlement, or a local contractor

being cornered by the IRS, the best advice is to get good sound

legal advice.

When to Hire an Attorney?

This is one of the most important decisions you can make. Some

people will wait and hope. Others will be more proactive and

employ the services of an attorney as soon as an issue or

question comes up. As always, when to hire an attorney will

be case or issue specific. On the other hand, it is better to get

someone onboard earlier than later. Investigators are trained

to illicit a variety of information and prosecutors are trained to

use that information to best serve the federal government or their

respected state’s interest. Therefore don’t you want someone on

your side and on your team as soon as possible?

The Defense Team

At Vieth Law Offices, we employ the services of a variety of

experts and investigators. Dependant upon the situation, an expert

or an investigator can be as important as the attorney you chose to

represent you. For example, if you are a physician or health care

provider and the Attorney General’s Office or the U.S. Attorney’s

Office sends you a target letter alleging medicare/medicaid fraud

one of the first people we will hire is a medicare/medicaid auditor

with a background in compliance. Or if you have been accused of

embezzlement, we will want to get a forensic accountant retained

to review not only what the state or the federal government has in

their possession, but also to review any additional information

that they do not have or are missing. In short, at Vieth Law

Offices you are not just hiring an attorney, you are hiring a team

to make sure all of your rights are not only protected but also




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